Getting Organized

The Wedding Guide is probably the first planner you will receive. It’s your key to organizing your wedding plans. Use the Timetables and Checklists; make notes in the spaces provided. Read the articles.
The Wedding Guide and are sources of wedding services in Northern Colorado and Wyoming. The wedding professionals advertised here are experts in their field; they’ll give you wonderful ideas and shoulder a significant part of the work and worry.
You’ll receive brochures and mail. Organize them into a series of folders or an expandable file according to categories. As each category comes up on your timetable, reread the literature from each file, as well as the articles in the Wedding Guide and pertaining to that particular service. (You’ll be prepared with appropriate questions.) Be sure to check the Directory of Services at the back of The Wedding Guide for many other wedding professionals.
Some suppliers may phone asking if you have yet contracted for their services. If you like what they have to say, make an appointment to see or discuss their work. Callers should be friendly, yet businesslike; never intimidating.
Remember, those wedding professionals who advertise and reach out to you have made a significant investment. It tells you that weddings are an important part of their business. And, it generally means they will do their best to make you and your guests happy with their service. TELL THEM YOU SAW THEM IN THE WEDDING GUIDE OR ONLINE AT !
Enjoy your planning more by sharing it with others in your family and wedding party. Then, let the experts help you. And have a beautiful day!