Car Rental


Car Rental

Have you chosen a transportation company for your wedding day? Arranging rental car rates can be as important as hotel reservations because the bridal couple will be too busy to transport people.
Rental car companies may provide discounted rates for members of your wedding party and guests and may offer you incentives for referring business to them.

  1. Get an estimated number of out of town guests that may need cars. Rental car companies base group discounts on the number of cars that you may rent.

  3. Locate the rental car companies’ terminals. It is most convenient for guests to be able to pick up in the airport so they can get to their hotels or resorts.

  5. Some rental car companies offer free delivery service of vehicles to hotels and resorts in the area. Not all companies offer this service; it may be more convenient for your guests to have their cars delivered in their hotel.

  7. Get rates on minivans and 15 passenger vans. Some wedding parties like to help transporting guests from their hotel, church or reception site. This service can make your guests feel more comfortable in an unfamiliar city. Ask about incentives for the bridal couple to choose a rental company for their guests. These may include discounts on car rentals for your honeymoon, future free rentals, or helping getting information out to your guests.



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