our philosophy


As human beings we all yearn for love and loving relationships. Marriage, more than any other construct in our society, signifies the commitment and love between two people. Ultimately, The Colorado Wedding Magazine is all about celebrating love and helping couples navigate their wedding journey. Love also represents the caring and feeling of community between us as human beings. The Colorado Wedding Magazine believes in treating others with respect, acting ethically in all we do and creating an environment of inclusion and representation.

There is living…and then there is living! The first is mere survival—the act of not dying. But living is about growing and thriving in a rich and nourishing environment.

Whether it’s growing the wedding industry, strengthening our business partners, providing relationship advice or supporting equity and diversity—we want The Colorado Wedding Magazine to be a place where all of these things can truly thrive! We believe we can help engaged couples grow their love while also helping our partners grow their business.

The Colorado Wedding Magazine is a Colorado-based business—the two are inextricably linked. We love Colorado and we believe it’s a great place to truly live, and a great place to love. The Colorado Wedding Magazine will always strive to be Colorado’s most inspirational and best source for engaged couples. We want The Colorado Wedding Magazine to be a place where love flourishes, where local business grows, where our values are reflected, and the wonders and beauty of Colorado are center stage.


(L to R) Ashley McClanahan | Ashley Tiedgen Photography, Michele Venter | Urban Events, Felicia Anzaldúa | Editor in Chief, Rebecca Nolan | Once in a Lifetime Events & Photography

Photo by Ashley McClanahan