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Founded in 2005, The Colorado Wedding Magazine is one of the oldest wedding publications dedicated to the state of Colorado.

The Colorado Wedding Magazine is published by Ponderosa Media, a Colorado-based business—the two are inextricably linked. We love Colorado and we believe it’s a great place to truly live, and a great place to love. We will always strive to be Colorado’s most inspirational and best source for engaged couples. We want The Colorado Wedding Magazine to be a place where love flourishes, where local businesses grow, where our values are reflected, and the wonders and beauty of Colorado are center stage.

Our readers are upwardly mobile visionaries who make intentional, values-based choices and appreciate artistic expression.


*Vendors who secured advertising for our Summer/Fall 2022 print edition will gain Corporate Collective membership and all benefits thereof from June 2022-June 2023.

As a community-informed publication, advertising opportunities are open exclusively to businesses accepted to join our curated vendor community and limited by vendor category and location:

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 The Colorado Wedding Magazine is an #OpenCO business. Our services are open to all people.
We believe in treating others with respect, acting ethically in all we do and creating an environment of inclusion and representation. We reserve the right at our discretion and at any time to cancel or reject marketing material that we our or readership have deemed objectionable.