Honoring Your Values

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More and more couples are using their celebrations as an opportunity to highlight and support causes or interests important to them. One way to do this is seeking out and supporting businesses that align with your shared values. With women accounting for the vast majority of job losses in 2020, you may want to seek… Continue reading Honoring Your Values

A Covid Bride Inspired Shoot

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For the past 9 months, we’ve heard from so many different couples who were affected in so many different ways by the 2020 pandemic. From postponed/cancelled weddings to job changes to personal health, engaged couples have been put through the ringer. As wedding and event professionals, it’s our job to be there for them–but we… Continue reading A Covid Bride Inspired Shoot

How Knowing Your Enneagram Personality Type Can Save Your Wedding

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Is it strange to want to save on your ceremony and use that money for an amazing honeymoon? Is it even more strange to feel that way when you are obsessed with weddings? I met my husband while an undergraduate and he was an active duty Air Force officer. Just months into our relationship, he… Continue reading How Knowing Your Enneagram Personality Type Can Save Your Wedding

The Anniversary Dance – A Wedding Moment Your Guests Will Remember

The Presentation of “The Anniversary Dance” Following The First Dance or The Father/Daughter Dance. You invite every couple that has been married for more then one year to please come out on to the dance floor. You may also say “we will wait so please take your time and come on down”. Some of your… Continue reading The Anniversary Dance – A Wedding Moment Your Guests Will Remember

Wedding Traditions

  Wedding Traditions Traditions have a way of becoming rules of etiquette, and fewer human rites are more imbued with tradition than weddings.   Bridal gowns, for example are white because the Greeks believed that

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

  Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties The get together known as the “bachelor party” or “stag party,” has recently been joined by a female counterpart known as the bachelorette party.   Like the bachelor party, the bachelorette party has become a

Your Bridal Shower

  Your Bridal Shower Traditionally, the bridal shower occurs from two months to two weeks before the wedding. Is is generally hosted by the maid of honor, bridesmaid, friend or distant relative of the bride. As a stand, the immediate family members (mothers, sisters, mothers-in-law) should not

Wedding Flowers

  Wedding Flowers Underscore the drama of your wedding with the right flowers. An artistic florist will suggest lovely and unusual designs for your wedding bouquet and floral arrangements while offering a wide price range.   Six months before the wedding is not too early to select your florist, especially if

The Language of Flowers

  The Language of Flowers A gift of flowers has always been a favored expression of friendship and love. Here is a sampling of the special messages you can send.