Monetary Responsibilities

  Monetary Responsibilities Although a wedding funded by a combination of people allows you to have a nicer celebration, you may find yourself with too many people trying to run the show. There are three important rules to remember about wedding planning and financial contributions.   Paying all, or even the largest portion of the… Continue reading Monetary Responsibilities

Get It In Writing

  Get It In Writing With each stage of your wedding planning, it is critical that you and your vendor reach a point of total agreement and understanding on what products and services you have purchased and expect to receive. The best way to achieve this is to

Starting Your Financial Future Together

  Starting Your Financial Future Together Selecting the right bank is not difficult if you know what to look for, and this is often one of the important decisions newlyweds have to make following marriage.   In choosing a financial institution,

Sus Obligaciones Financieras (Spanish)

  Sus Obligaciones Financieras La comunicaciĆ³n , cooperaciĆ³n y lo que se espera es muy importante cuando planea su propuesta. Los padres de la novia tradiconalmente pagaban por todo lo de la boda, pero ahora es muy apropiado que las dos familias compartan el costo.   Cuando fije su presupuesto sea comunicativo y cooperativo. Si… Continue reading Sus Obligaciones Financieras (Spanish)

Financial Responsibilities

  Financial Responsibilities Communication, cooperation, and realistic expectations are essential when you draw up your wedding budget. The bride’s family has traditionally paid all wedding expenses, but it is now appropriate for families to share costs.   When you draw up the budget, be communicative, realistic and cooperative. If the bride’s family cannot bear the… Continue reading Financial Responsibilities

Contracts (English)

  Contracts Be sure to have a written contract and/or letter of commitment from each of your wedding services. This is the only way to be sure you and the service person agree on all details. Include a