Encore Weddings and Reaffirmations

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Not too long ago, encore brides wore a pink suit and wed in the clerk’s office in City Hall. Understandably, since so many weddings taking place around the country are second or subsequent marriages, the rules for “proper” behavior have

Planning Your Financial Future

  Planning Your Financial Future Selecting the right bank is not difficult if you know what to look for, and this is often one of the decisions newlyweds have to make immediately following marriage.   In choosing a financial institution,

Pre Marriage Counseling

  Pre Marriage Counseling It is natural to experience some fear before “tying the knot” – marriage is an important decision. A great way to help assure lifelong success is pre-marriage counseling. Whether your goal is to get to know one another better or be as prepared as possible, counseling is a good investment in… Continue reading Pre Marriage Counseling

Blending Two Families

  Blending Two Families   For all their joy, weddings are sometimes charged with potentially explosive situations, namely the feelings of divorced parents, stepparents and children-either yours or your groom’s.   Include the children in all appropriate prenuptial planning and festivities. Be sensitive to their reactions. No matter what the relationship is

Avoiding Stress

  Avoiding Stress As anyone who has ever been through a wedding can tell you, the months leading up to your big day can be a time of stress as well as happiness… there’s so much to

Starting Your Own Family Traditions

  Starting Your Own Family Traditions   Using a family tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation can make your wedding more meaningful. Looking to start a family tradition for your wedding that can be passed down to your children and their children?   Here are a few ideas: