Scrapbooking – Creating Lasting Memories

  Scrapbooking – Creating Lasting Memories There will be dozens of posed photographs selected and carefully placed in albums that will bring to mind the beautiful moments of your wedding and reception. Even the honeymoon will be caught in pictures that will


  Videography In the opinion of many there is no better way to preserve the elegance and emotions of a format wedding than on videotape. From the solemn vows of the nuptial ceremony to the happiness of the reception celebration, all the sights and sounds are captured forever. For years and generations to come, the… Continue reading Videography

Black and White Photography

  Black and White Photography Have you sorted through a dusty attic recently and pulled out an old photo album? In what condition were the photos? Were they faded or still crisp in detail? Considering what your photo album will look like in twenty years should be