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5 Ways to Incorporate Your Sorority/Fraternity into Your Wedding

“It’s not four years, it’s for life.” If you are a member of a Greek organization, you understand that quote. The connections you make with your sorority/fraternity sisters and brothers is not one that ends on the day of graduation. Some of your closest friends – the ones that become like family – may be the very ones you pledged with in undergrad. Of course you would want to make them a part of your wedding celebration!

Simple ways to include your Greek family in your special day

Here are a few ideas we rounded up for simple ways to highlight your Greek sisters and brothers: 

Assign Them a Role 

Father of the Bride is already taken, but your sorority/fraternity members could take on another role. They could help usher your guests to their seats, make sure everyone signs the guest book, or even be in charge of attending the gift table. These are simple, but still very important, parts of your wedding that they could make sure go smoothly. Really, any role they are assigned will be one that they fill happily if it means they can help you stay focused on what really matters – enjoying your celebration. 

Incorporate Your Greek Colors 

You don’t have to center your entire decorations around your organization’s colors, but you can find ways to include them. This can be as simple as the flower colors that the bridesmaids carry, or as detailed as the groomsmen wearing vests in their fraternity colors. 

If you’ve already had your wedding and have pictures you’d like to share of how you incorporated your sorority/fraternity, send them our way! We love to highlight real-life wedding celebrations!

Sing a Chapter/University Song 

One bride we spoke to had her guests sing their school fight song while carrying a large university flag. Afterwards, all of the members of the groom’s fraternity and her sorority gathered for a group photo. There is so much pride in representing the school you attended. After all, you spent four years of your life and met some of your closest friends (or future spouse, in this couple’s case) there. Why not honor it with a song? 

Assign Tables by Family 

Many greek organizations have “families,” or groups that are traced along the lineage of Bigs/Littles. One way to honor your sorority/fraternity is to have themed seating arrangements where members of the same family can sit together with their plus one. 

Make Time for Big/Little Pictures 

Another way to honor your greek families is to take pictures with Bigs/Littles, where your photographer can snap shots of your signature poses and hand signs. If your entire bridal party is made up of your sorority sisters, this is even easier to do! Of course you’ll want the traditional pictures with everyone holding their bouquets, but you can throw in more than a few poses to honor the sisterhood that binds you. 

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