It all began in 2008 when Heidi Janson, the founder and CEO of Brides Across America (BAA) , felt called upon to show support to our men and women in uniform. What started out as an Independence Day wedding gown giveaway evolved into a greater effort to say “thank you” to our military members and their families, who sacrifice so much in service to our country. Today, Brides Across America stands proudly as a nonprofit organization giving back to our active military, veterans, and first responders in a very tangible way.

BAA believes that our military and first responders deserve to have the best possible wedding experience. Twice each year BAA embarks on Operation Wedding Gown, a biannual event where bridal shops across America honor our troops by gifting brides with the perfect dress for their special day. BAA has donated thousands of wedding dresses from a range of different designers, bridal shops, and generous individuals. They ensure the dresses are in exceptional condition, up to date with today’ s fashion trends, and offered in a wide variety of sizes.

Brides Across America also utilizes their platform to raise money for military and first responder couples so they can have the wedding of their dreams. If a bride is not able to attend an Operation Wedding Gown event, for reasons like deployment or other geographic constraints, BAA will fund a dream bridal look consisting of a wedding dress, veil, shoes, and other necessary accessories to complete their special day. With a total of 24,000 gifted wedding dresses and more than 22 free weddings, BAA continues to give back to our heroes in a very special way. Each year, they receive inspiring stories from our active military, veterans, and first responders with challenges due to their service and BAA is calling on you to help make their dream wedding come true.

There are multiple initiatives that you may explore to help: in addition to donating a dress, you may donate to a specific person by adopting a hero through a monthly or single payment option. Other acceptable donations include gift cards, gift certificates, engagement rings, veils, wedding favors, and much more. Your donation could even fund a free wedding for one lucky couple! With many options to choose from, Brides Across America wants you to lend a hand in paying tribute to our troops and in turn, you will change a life. -Breara Hollis


For more information on donating or registering to receive a dress, visit Brides Across America online at https: //www. bridesacrossamerica. com