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Tirzah Stein of NearlyWed Coaching

By Tirzah Stein | Photos by Jaylyn Begay

NearlyWed Coaching is a Queer-owned business with three service offerings focused on supporting couples from an emotional perspective. Through wedding coaching, premarital coaching, and intentional officiating, Owner and Creator, Tirzah Stein is bringing something new and unique to the wedding industry.

Tirzah Stein

After planning her wedding in 2019, Tirzah (she/her) felt something was missing and wished that she and her wife had a vendor that could support them through the many layers of emotions that surfaced while wedding planning. She then had a “light bulb” moment and decided to start her own business, NearlyWed Coaching, to provide the services she wished she’d had while going through the process.

From the initial wedding coaching offering, Tirzah’s wedding coaching business has expanded into premarital coaching and officiating services. All three services provide an encompassing, unbiased support system to couples to help them not only create an authentic wedding, but strengthen their relationship before they enter marriage. If the couple is looking for an officiant, what better person to help them create an intentional ceremony and be by their side than the person who has built a foundation of trust and truly knows who they are as a couple?

So, what exactly is wedding coaching and why is it changing how couples are getting married?

The biggest thing to note is that wedding coaching is not wedding planning. Instead of helping the couple with the many logistical tasks and coordination that come with weddings, a wedding coach is a guide to help the couple through the wedding planning process by going below the surface of logistical planning and focusing on the emotional side of creating a wedding. This process ultimately helps the couple remain authentic to who they are and create the wedding they truly want while always remaining on the same page with one another.

Let’s keep it real: wedding planning is stressful, overwhelming, and can bring up a mountain-sized pile of dynamics to navigate. What other time in a couple’s life are they both hosting one of the biggest events of their lives while also being the guests of honor? It is complex, and on top of that, society has told couples that this time should be the happiest of their lives. However, the reality is that most couples don’t feel blissfully happy 100% of the time. They are most likely experiencing, on some level, anxieties, stressors, pressures, expectations, external opinions, potential conflict, etc. Wedding coaching is a service to support all of this, plus whatever else the couple is going through that is unique to them.

Wedding coaching helps couples navigate the hard stuff that society doesn’t often talk about, but most couples experience when planning a wedding. It is about normalizing the couple’s experiences, supporting them through the journey and helping them remain authentic to who they are together. Having a wedding coach helps a couple think of the endless possibilities and permits them to break outside of the traditional and gendered wedding blueprint to explore how to make their wedding a true representation of their one-of-a-kind love.

When couples are faced with a million and one decisions to make, wedding coaching helps them slow down and make intentional decisions aligned with their values. It serves as an important reminder of what matters to them when creating their wedding. When the couple disagrees or struggles to get on the same page, a wedding coach can help them connect again. Couples can come together with the help of their coach to create a wedding and ceremony that honors and weaves together their similarities and differences-in culture, background, religion, identity, personalities, etc. Wedding coaching is like wedding insurance, so when they look back on their wedding day, they have no regrets and can say, “That was not only everything we wanted, but was a true reflection of our love.”

Who is wedding coaching for?

Wedding coaching is for couples of all identities! As a queer person, Tirzah believes in the importance of offering services that counteract the heteronormative wedding industry that often leaves queer couples guessing if vendors are inclusive. At NearlyWed Coaching, all three services function as comprehensive and safe support to the couple, where their identities and what makes them who they are is honored, affirmed and celebrated!

If you are a wedding pro and queer ally wanting support to authentically increase your inclusivity efforts, Tirzah also provides inclusivity consulting through one-on-one vendor coaching.

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