The impact we make on the world is something on the forefront of most people’s minds in today’s world. More and more, consumers are being intentional with their spending, opting for products and services that are eco-friendly. For business owners, the focus has shifted from merely making a profit to ensuring that sustainability is woven into the daily practices that make up the organization. The mompreneurs featured in this article are doing just that – running businesses with a sustainability mindset and helping to make a positive impact on the world their children will inherit. 

Mangia + Enjoy 

Food is at the center of many memorable moments in our lives. Chef Sarah Chianese and her team (which includes her son!) believe that those moments should include healthy options and follow the saying “Cooking is like love – it should be entered into with abandon, or not at all!” The meals provided by Mangia + Enjoy always begin with the highest quality, local, organic ingredients. According to their website, their meats and poultry are always all-natural, pasture-raised, and hormone-free, and their fish and seafood are always wild, not farmed. They also offer accommodations for all dietary needs and preferences, including paleo and vegan, and classes to teach you how to prepare healthy, delicious meals on your own. 

Eclectic Co.

In today’s world, there are many makers – artisans and artists – who weave sustainability into their creations. They need support, education and camaraderie, the things offered by Eclectic Co, a cooperative retail space offering local, sustainable and handmade products in Colorado. Co-owners Peri Bolts and Ani Barrington started the company with a mission to make a sustainable model more normalized in their industry. They offer local, fair trade, and vintage products and strive to reduce the barriers to market for quality sustainable and handmade craft goods. 

Gather Mountain Blooms 

For many people, spending time in nature brings peace, a sense of grounding, and healing. That was the case for Nikki, who founded Gather Mountain Blooms as a way to promote community, creativity and healing for others after weekly flowers from her husband helped her heal from an injury. She now runs the cut-flower farm with her two sisters on the historic Ventucci Farm in Colorado Springs. The organization’s focus is on creating memorable moments through community events, and have partnered with the Colorado Flower Collective to expand access to local, Colorado-grown flowers. It’s clear that these sisters believe in the power of caring for Mother Nature and want to share that with those around them.