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Love Gives Art – An Artist With a Purpose

The most amazing thing about art is that it speaks to each person in a different way. Two people can look at the same thing and get a different feeling from it. For the creator of Love Gives Art, Ginna Alejandra, she wanted the receivers of her art to feel one universal emotion: love.

The Beginning of an Inspiring Journey

At first, Ginna didn’t intend to sell her artwork. She wanted a wallet that she’d seen in a store – it was red with embroidered hearts – but when she went back to buy it, the wallet was gone. Determined to have what she’d envisioned, she bought a white wallet instead and decided to paint it. She carried it around with her while running errands one day when a stranger asked if they could buy it! She sold it to that person on the spot, then went to buy and paint another one and sold it as well. At this point, she believed she may be on to something.

Sharing Art With the World 

She bought five more wallets, painted them, and sold not a single one. As disappointing as this was, she wanted these wallets to make a positive impact, so she gifted them to special ladies in her life. 

At that point, her daughter inspired her to commit to painting and share her work on an Instagram account. Ginna then went to the thrift store, bought more items she could paint on, and rather than focusing on selling them, she decided to just give them away to anyone who loved a piece enough to want it for themselves. Love Gives Art was born. 

Art Gives New Life 

After sharing her work on social media, people began asking for customized pieces, which meant that Ginna was now in business, making and selling bespoke items. She did some research and found out that purses take 150 years to decompose in a landfill, which inspired her to make the decision that defines her business today – to paint original art on upcycled items. 

Although upcycling and recycling seem similar, they are very different in the sense that while recycling involves destroying waste to create something new, upcycling involves taking a discarded item and creating something new from its current state. What Ginna does is take discarded purses and frames and paint her original art on them, bringing new life to these items and creating something beautiful in the process. 

Support Love Gives Art

Love Gives Art is based in Colorado. Show your support by following her on Instagram and ordering from her new T-Shirt collection