Vendor Feature

Meet Anu of Mio Mora

We LOVE jewelry that makes a statement. These pieces were contributed by Anu, owner and stylist at Mio Mora. We asked Anu…

-In an ideal world, what does a perfect Sunday look like to you? 

A Perfect Sunday would be  to go for a hike in my neighborhood – make a nice home cooked meal and usually it is very elaborate like Chicken Biryani or Lentils and Rice for my family. Then around 4 pm I get back to work for my business for the next week. I have a weekly plan for my Instagram stories and posts that goes out on Sunday’s.  \\ I also like to plan any events that I may have for the upcoming week and be ready for the upcoming week,

Do you have have any eco-friendly or sustainable practices or packages available? 

Yes we make silk bags for our jewelry and reusable cotton bags for our clothings – so the customer does not have to use plastic boxes to store it.  These bags are hand stitched, reusable and are great for packing for travel and destination weddings.

-What inspired you to push through last year? 

When I heard of so many weddings getting postponed – so many events getting cancelled I realised I was not alone. Like every vendor I know and every collaboration we had – I was hopeful that things will turn around sooner or later. We used to do Trunk Shows – Trade Shows -and everything got cancelled. But the safety and health of our customers was the most important thing in our mind.  We had very low sales but I believed that ” Success is not final; Failure is not Fatal; It is the courage to Continue that Counts. 

And so we were part of Zoom Calls – Face Times with our customers and helping them online.

Any additional info you’d love for people to know : 

Mio Mora which means My Passion, was inspired from my love for traditional and intricate jewelry and colorful blends of clothing.  Growing up in Delhi I loved to travel to different parts of India, and romance the beautiful culture each city gave.

 I was always amazed by the exquisite jewelry and silks made by skilled artisans. I would enjoy the tie-dye techniques of mixing colors  on silks, the embroidery crafted on bridal skirts –  each city had its own story and culture. 

What always astounded me was that none of these artisans belonged to great design schools or brands but  they had learnt their work traditionally growing up in villages from their family members. It was a craft that they were so proud of. 

My inspiration for Mio Mora stemmed from their humbleness, diligent work, and down-to-earth attitude. I dreamed of wanting to promote Indian Artisans and their work, as well as the traditional Indian culture and heritage.

Mio Mora’s vision is to create something beautiful for every bride and their wedding party. We are dedicated to bringing unique and affordable designs to our clients of the highest trustworthy quality. With cross cultural weddings there is a great sense of pride in adapting and dressing up for the Royal Indian Weddings and Mio Mora Creates and Curates for each one of them. We customise Bridal Outfits – Wedding Party Outfits – Grooms Traditional Wear  – Groom Men Indian Clothings – and help our wedding party with Unique Jewelry Designs.

We are proud to be a part of the beautiful Colorado Weddings.