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Having a Colorado wedding promises stunning, unrivaled views that no other state can contend with – that’s a given. But it also means having to deal with high altitude. High altitude can affect our hair and skin in many different ways, so it’s important for couples to be one step ahead of the game before the big day.

Finding the right make-up artist is a great first step in bridal prep, but getting the perfect dewy glow actually starts months before the wedding ceremony. The real secret to outsmarting the high altitude is all in the skincare, so here are just a few top tips that will guarantee that coveted dewy bridal glow.

Invest in a great humidifier

It’s no secret that lower humidity dries out the skin, and if you’re already living in Colorado, chances are you already have a humidifier in your home. But if not, now is the time to make the investment – your skin will thank you for it!

Ditch the foamy, soapy cleansers

Yes, you want a cleansed face – as a dirty face is one of the number one causes of break-outs – but most cleansers are actually extremely drying. Instead of a standard foamy cleanser, use a very gentle one (the milder, the better!) such as the Derma E Sensitive Skin Cleanser. Bonus points if it targets eczema, as dry skin is one of the biggest side-effects of the condition.

Oil is your friend

Now is the time to rethink everything you thought you knew about skincare – but don’t confuse an oily face with a greasy face! High altitude causes skin cells to become so dry they actually absorb the oil in the pores and cause acne. However, the right oily products will bring the moisture back into your skin, which will result in the dewy bridal glow of your dreams. Coconut oil is a firm favorite, as it not only prevents dry skin, but works hard to repair existing dry skin too.

Don’t forget the SPF

High altitudes can be very deceptive when it comes to sun exposure. While moisturizers with built-in SPF might be acceptable for other states, it certainly won’t do in Colorado, or anywhere else with high altitudes. Not only will sunburn dry the face out, but it can lead to damaged skin and premature aging, which are all big no-nos for blushing brides and grooms. Wear at least SPF50 every single day to ensure that your skin stays tight and damage-free.

Fake it

It goes without saying, but steer clear of sunbeds. Instead, couples looking for a subtle glow on their wedding day can play around with DIY self-tanners or professional spray tans for a natural color that won’t damage the skin. Just be sure to test it out months in advance to make sure you’re happy with the application and the color. And make sure you shower until the water runs clear on the morning of the wedding, to avoid getting any self-tanner on your dress.

Morning routine

Your morning skincare routine doesn’t have to be long and tedious. Washing your face with a gentle micellar water is a great way to prep your skin for the day, and then follow up with a great serum and rich moisturizer. You only need a pea-sized amount of moisturizer, as the serum will help the product spread further, and also absorb and sit better on the skin. (Pacifica’s Beauty Coconut Probiotic Water Rehab Cream is one of our current favorites.)

Nighttime routine

Akin to morning routines, you don’t need hundreds of lotions and potions for a successful nighttime skincare routine. We would recommend exfoliating a couple of nights a week and putting on a face mask once a week. Cleanse the face every night with a double cleanser such as the Pixi Double Cleanse or Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Cleansing Ritual, and finish off with a deep and nourishing night cream (The Elf Cosmetics Nourishing Night Cream is wonderful!) that will work its magic while you’re asleep. See, there’s a reason they call it beauty sleep!

Go pro

And finally, we would recommend treating yourself to a beauty treatment once a month. The pros will give you the facial of your dreams, which will prepare your skin for the big day in the best way possible. Leave at least 10 days before your celebration for your facial to allow time for the pores to open and close again.-Maria Pierides