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Saying “I Do”…Again – 4 Reasons Why Renewing Your Vows Will Bring You Closer

There’s never a wrong time to renew your vows. Maybe you’ve made it to a special anniversary – 3, 5, or even 10+ years – or you want to celebrate thriving through a rough patch, or maybe you just need a reason to gather with family and shine a light on your love. You don’t need a good reason, but if you’re looking for one, we’ve come up with a few we think are worth sharing. 

Be Reminded of Your Strength 

Every couple goes through seasons of difficulty. Whether the challenges you faced have been internal to your relationship (miscommunication, a change in your family dynamic, an infidelity) or caused by external forces (a health scare, financial difficulties, a global pandemic)–your bond as a couple has not only been tested, but it has emerged stronger than before. Thriving through a tough time is not only a cause for celebration for the two of you, it’s also something you should share with the world. As you stand before your closest friends and family and renew your commitment to one another, you’ll look into each other’s eyes and see not just your life partner, but your battle buddy – the person you know for certain you can lean on during life’s most uncertain times.

Reaffirm Your Commitment to One Another 

Movies and romance novels have the world believing that every human has one true love and, once they find that person, they stay by their side not by choice, but by fate. As heartbreakingly romantic as that sounds, it’s not very realistic. It’s far more beautiful and romantic to choose your partner, in spite of all of their flaws and despite all of the challenges you’ve faced over the years. The commitment you make on the day you are first married is to love and support each other in good times and in bad, but the commitment that you make on the day of your vow renewal is even more important. You’ve already faced and survived challenges, you know each other on a more intimate level, and still you choose each other as life partners. That is commitment on a much deeper level. 

Celebrate Your Love & The Life You’ve Built 

Although your marriage began on the day of your wedding, the marriage itself is a journey, not a destination. From that first “I do” to now, there have been seasons of great joy, seasons of difficulty, and moments that have quite literally taken your breath away. In the same way, your vow renewal is the milestone that not only marks the next chapter in your journey, but also celebrates the life that you’ve built together up to this point. It provides an opportunity as a couple to reflect on your many blessings and successes.

Indulge in a Moment That’s Just for You 

The pandemic is waning, life is gearing back up, and while we’ve learned a lot from our time in solitude, our schedules will be full once again and life will get hectic. It’s easy to take this beautiful bond that’s been the backbone of your journey for granted, and not because of neglect, but simply because it’s been as reliable as the sun rising and setting. Take a moment to spotlight the love that you share in the company of your favorite people – your friends and your family – and indulge yourselves. 

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