What does it mean to be married if it’s not all about navigating life’s ups and downs together? Amanda and David had big plans for their wedding on the 4th of July, 2020, but like many others, they had to reimagine their day due to COVID-19. Their original plan was to have many of their closest friends and family gather at the Lyons Farmette and celebrate together, with big hugs, laughter, and dancing into the night.

But here’s their story instead.

Amanda and David, both working in the healthcare system in Texas and avid travelers, needed a break from the hospital and had time set aside for their wedding in Colorado. So they went ahead and made the trip despite their family not being able to join them. They were set to meet in Breckenridge on July 3rd 2020, and have a very small elopement: just Amanda, David and their photographer, Ashley. But as their photographer drove them over Kenosha Pass, her vehicle started to have problems (we’ll spare the details, but the dashboard’s flickering lights were enough to feel like a rave). They ended up pulling off the road about 30 minutes away from the ceremony site to call for help. A short time later, the local mechanic informs the group, “Oh, you’re not making it to Breckenridge in this vehicle, and I’m surprised you made it over Kenosha Pass!”

The cards seemed set against them: full moon, mercury in retrograde, car troubles, global pandemic.  Gulp–change of plans again. Instead of a sunset mountain elopement, they quickly switched to a sunrise elopement, this way they still get their original wedding date of July 4th.

Amanda and David navigated this additional change of plans with grace and understanding. “We’ll just camp here overnight and make smores!” Amanda said.  That’s what this wedding season has been all about: making the best of an unfortunate situation.

The 4:00am wake up call came, and Amanda and David eloped as they watched the sun come up over the mountains. Birds were chirping as chubby marmots ran around celebrating with them. They made the ceremony unique and truly them. They exchanged gifts, and their vows were filled with promises to love each other forever. They had their traditional first dance to Kina Grannis’ cover of  “Cant Help Falling in Love” and ended their epic day with a homemade picnic. Just like that – they were married!


As Ashley made her way back down the mountain to her hotel, she thanked David and Amanda profusely. David made the very simple comment, “this is how life should be lived. Helping out others when they need it. There’s no need to be stressed or get frustrated when things go wrong.”


We’re so happy for these two and the opportunity to follow along their journey as they embark on life as Mr. And Mrs. Congratulations!