Words simply cannot describe how beautiful and wonderful this elopement was. The love between Maggie and Alex was so real and so genuine that just being around them you could tell they were destined for each other. Hailing from North Carolina, they brought their closest family and friends to share this experience with them out in Colorado.

When Alex and Maggie first arrived in separate cars to Loveland Pass, it was clear they were in it for the adventure. Maggie’s father, and officiant for the day, began climbing a large hill next to the road in search of the best location for his daughter. After running up to the top at record pace and eventually stumbling upon a perfect ceremony spot, Alex, his groomsmen, the photographer (Lisa) and videographer (Roo) set up for the first look. The mountains were beautifully snow capped as the early summer snow had yet to melt near the summit. The wildflowers were in full bloom and brought a lovely yellow accent to the generally dry and arid flora of the high alpine environment in which they were getting married.

For the first look, it was set up similar to a walking down the aisle moment. Maggie made the long trek up the hill at 12,000 feet with her father on her arm and her mom holding her train so it wouldn’t get dirty. It was a beautiful sight to see for everybody, but especially Alex as he turned and saw his beautiful bride-to-be and started to tear up. There was not a dry eye in the crowd.

The ceremony was at a slightly different location, still up on the hillside but about a five minute walk away from the first look site. Due to social distancing measures, the guests were in a wide semi-circle around the couple but still close enough to show their support for Alex and Maggie’s love together. Maggie’s father officiated the wedding and talked about these two people being like superheroes, both in how they can conform into their suit but also into how they can do anything they set their minds to with God and each other by their side. It was truly touching.

After the “I-Do’s”, it was time for the first dance. They brought a speaker up the mountain and slow-danced with so much joy in their eyes it was impossible not to feel the joy these two had in
getting married. Most of the day, there was a consistent cloud cover but only during the first dance did the clouds break and sun shone down while he twirled her in her now slightly dirt stained wedding dress. Dancing obviously works up an appetite so it was time to cut the cake soon afterwards.

Maggie’s father announced “for the very first time, Alex and Maggie Langevin!” and then it was time to dive into the beautiful cake. Maggie’s family made the flowers and cake themselves and both were absolutely gorgeous. Despite never having visited Loveland Pass, Colorado, the colors of both the cake and flowers matched the alpine views of Colorado in July. It was perfect.

Finally, to end the day Lisa and Roo took Maggie and Alex aside for a short photoshoot before the hail started to fall. Thankfully, the couple had brought a “love is in the air” umbrella which sheltered them from the incoming storm. Everything worked out the way it was destined to. It was the most amazing way to kick off Maggie and Alex’s marriage together.-Roo Smith





Planning Simply Eloped

Floral Design + Cake Maggie’s Family

Photography Lisa Rose Photography

Video Castlehouse Videography