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Postnuptial Tasks

Postnuptial Tasks: A Definitive Guide to Changing Your Last Name


Once your name is officially updated, be sure to update the following:

  • Social Security Card
  • Driver’s License
  • Bank Accounts
  • Payroll
  • Post Office
  • Credit Cards
  • Schools + Alumni Associations
  • Membership Associations and Fraternal Organizations
  • Veteran Affairs
  • Insurance
  • Landlord/Mortgage/Utility Companies
  • Doctors
  • Passport
  • W-4 Form
  • 401k or similar accounts
  • Voicemails
  • Emails
  • Health Proxy
  • Social Media
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What Documents Do You Need to Change Your Name in Colorado?

Certified marriage certificate and proof of address using any of the following documents:

  • Computer-generated utility bill
  • Bank statement
  • First-class mail
  • Vehicle insurance policy mortgage document
  • Motor vehicle registration
  • USPS change of address form
  • Any filed tax form

How to Update Your Social Security Card in Colorado?

Parties can initiate an update on their Social Security Cards by applying to the agency office in person or by mail. When going in person, be sure to come along with the following:

  • A completed Application for a Social Security Card (SS-5)
  • Proof of age and gender (it could be an old driver’s license or a birth certificate)
  • Evidence of name change (marriage certificate, court order change of name, or a decree of divorce)
  • Proof of immigration and US citizenship

If sending by mail, attach the same documents, a self-enclosed envelope, and a daytime phone number. Expect to receive a new social security card by mail. Be aware that the Social Security Number does not change: only the names may change.

How to Get a New Driver’s License in Colorado?

In Colorado, the Division of Motor Vehicle (DMV) is the agency that handles name changes on driver’s licenses. Name changes must be reported to the DMV within 30 days of effect. Concerned persons must take the following to the nearest DMV office in Colorado:

  • Legal records of name change documents (court-ordered name change, marriage certificates, or a decree of divorce.)
  • Notice of confirmation of change of name from the Social Security Administration, or evidence of change of name on the new social security card
  • Proof of new address (bank statement, rent/mortgage record, utility bill)

It costs $28 to update a driver’s license. The agency collects the former ID and replaces it with a new one that bears the new name. If the party’s spouse has a commercial driver’s license, it will attract an extra $15.50. Be aware that payments apply only to persons under the age of 60 years. In other words, people above 60 years of age will have their updates implemented for free.

Additional updates conducted by the DMV Colorado are vehicle titles and registrations. Title updates take place at the county offices of the agency. The following are required to initiate the process:

  • Evidence of change of name
  • Proof of identity. It could be a driver’s license, ID card, a US passport, a valid passport with a current visa, or an I–94 form.
  • Documentation of the vehicle’s VIN or Colorado title number
  • A completed Duplicate Title Request and Receipt Form
  • A service fee of $8.20 for the update

Vehicle registration update processes differ by county. Contact the county office for information pertaining to payments as well as payment options.