The Presentation of “The Anniversary Dance”

Following The First Dance or The Father/Daughter Dance.

You invite every couple that has been married for more then one year to please come out on to the dance floor. You may also say “we will wait so please take your time and come on down”. Some of your guests may respond slowly so be patient. You will be surprised at how many guests will participate.

A great song to use is “That Old Feeling” by Rod Stewart, track #5 on “The Great American Songbook” Album. There are so many differant songs you can use. There may be one that has a special meaning to you and your family. Make it one to remember.

Once your dance floor is full you tell your guests “you are to dance and when I stop the music I will instruct you on what to do”. You will then start the music and play about 20 seconds and stop it. At that point you will say “Everyone who has been married for less then 5 years please leave the dance floor”. You once again start the music and say “please dance”. This time only play 15 seconds. Then ask that every couple that has been married for less then 10 years to please leave the dance floor. You will repeat this for every 5 years. (note: keep a piece of paper beside you and mark off each year as you go so you don’t loose track)

When you dismiss the couples of 15 years or less. After they have left the dance floor you say: “The couples remaining represent True Love”. Repeat this with the following.

15 years – True Love

20 years – Caring

25 years – Acceptance

30 years – Patience

35 years – Understanding

40 years – Tolerance

45 years – Endurance

50 years – Devotion

55 + years – Everlasting Love

Once you’ve reveled the longest married couple you step out on to the dance floor and introduce them and say “ this couple represents the love and devotion that we all strive for” “Would everyone please join us on the dance floor for this celebration” Then finish the song “That Old Feeling” followed up by Unchained Melody or Can’t Help Falling In Love. This presentation will be one of the highlights of the reception.