• How Knowing Your Enneagram Personality Type Can Save Your Wedding

    Is it strange to want to save on your ceremony and use that money for an amazing honeymoon? Is it even more strange to feel that way when you are obsessed with weddings? I met my husband while an undergraduate and he was an active duty Air Force officer. Just months into our relationship, he moved across the country and for the next five years, we were long distance. Few of our friends and family understood why we bothered. A select few voiced their disapproval and discomfort–my partner was 14 years my senior and, sit down for this one, a different race and religion. We persisted. On March 6, 2012,…

  • Quinceañera

      Quinceañera When boys and girls reach a certain age, they make a transition from childhood into adulthood. This is also referred to as a “right of passage” which signifies that they are ready to move into the new stage of their life. Depending on

  • Candlelight Ceremonies

      Candlelight Ceremonies A dramatic effect for a late afternoon or evening wedding may be created with the flattering romantic glow of candles.   Candles can be burning as guests arrive, lit just before the mother of the bride is