Ceremony Line Up


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The altar lineups for formal Christian and Jewish weddings are illustrated below. The left side of the church is the bride’s side and the right is the groom’s side (looking from back to front). During the Christian ceremony, the bride meets the groom at the altar, and her parents remain seated throughout the wedding service. In the Jewish wedding, the bridal couple is escorted down the aisle by both sets of parents, who remain standing during the ceremony.

Ceremonylineup 1.Bride 2.Groom
3.Main of Honor 4.Best Man
5.Bridesmaids 6.Ushers
7.Flower Girl 8.Ring Bearer
9.Father of the Bride 10.Mother of the Bride
11.Father of the Groom 12.Mother of the Groom
13.Clergymember 14.Cantor
15.Bride’s Grandfather 16.Bride’s Grandmother
17.Groom’s Grandfather 18.Groom’s Grandmother