Having a Civil Ceremony

A ceremony performed by a judge or justice of the peace may be as formal or informal as you wish, whether it be in a public park, your home, the judge’s or judge’s or justice’s home, a hot-air balloon, riverboat or at a courthouse. In a formal setting, you might ask the judge if he/she would wear his/her judicial robe.
The ceremony can include the reading of poetry, Biblical passages, prayers and such music as you may wish. Just be sure to plan it out with the judge or justice ahead of time. There are some who have several sample ceremonies from which you can choose. Also, there are a number of books available at bookstores on creating your own ceremony.
Should you not know of someone who performs marriage ceremonies, you can obtain the names and phone numbers of judges simply by phoning any courthouse or government center and asking the marriage license clerk. Justices of the peace will be listed in the phone book or with the clerk. You’ll most likely find everyone to be congenial and helpful.
As with the clergy, expect to provide the judge a reasonable honorarium for his/her services.