Becky is the Co-Founder & Director of Women in Sustainability, an inclusive community that is all about intentional and transformational collaboration as a means for solving the climate crisis. Among their many amazing upcoming events, they are partnering with Dream Catcher Weddings to present the Virtual Sustainable Wedding Showcase on March 25, 2021.

Would you mind telling us more about your background and how you became passionate about sustainability?

My parents have always been about recycling so it was always ingrained in me to think about the environment as a young kid. When I was getting my MBA, my professor/mentor and I were having lunch one afternoon and I started talking passionately about sustainability. He quickly said, “you should figure out how to incorporate your green practices into the events industry”. From there, I started doing small projects to help businesses and events become more focused on sustainable practices. 

What is one BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) that you have for Women in Sustainability?

Ha, yes, love BHAG! Women in Sustainability was an idea to find a group of women to collectively work together to create real change in the world. We started in 2019 as a Facebook group and now growing into a nonprofit organization. I’d love to see this community run the world! I truly believe it takes collective efforts and collaborations to create systemic change, both environmentally and socially. I can’t wait for the day when we have chapters all across the United States that are working together to help make a better tomorrow for all. 

How would you like to see the wedding and event industry transformed?

Oh the industry has a lot to change, but I think the biggest focus and most tangible piece right now is the waste. Events, including weddings, create an insane amount of waste with most of it going to the landfill. I’d love to see a lot of innovative ways to still be able to have the big party, but do it in a minimal waste way. I’d also love to see that all planners, venues, etc are putting more expectations for events and weddings to be more environmentally – friendly through composting, recycling, donating, upcycling, reusing and more! Let’s make it more acceptable to throw a green wedding! 

Which part of the Sustainable Wedding Showcase are you most excited about?

All of it actually, but I am excited to hear the vendors’ tips and tricks. I always learn something new from companies that are putting in the work to be more sustainable. I’m excited to hear what ideas they provide to the attendees! Even though this event is virtual, we still plan to make it a celebration! We will have time for vendors to showcase their products/services, “live” music, games where you can win prizes, and some virtual breakout room hopping to meet vendors and network with others! We are going to make it a really fun time, even if at home in your PJs. And of course, adult beverages are encouraged, but not required! I hope others will join us for this fun and unique evening of wedding party planning! 

Oh and for every ticket sold, we will plant 1 tree through One Tree Planted to offset our virtual event and help restore Colorado forests from this year’s wildfires.