• Sustainable Elopement

    Rewriting Rites: Sustainable Flowers

    by Maréa Janae of Dream Catcher Weddings I Love Flowers  If the wildflower tattoo sprawling across my right arm and the fact that I’m more often than not seen clothed in a floral-print fabric aren’t a dead giveaway, I’m kind of in love with flowers. I would argue that, in their full blooming glory, flowers and love are two of the most beautiful natural phenomena on this gorgeous green earth. Thus it only makes sense that sustainable flowers and weddings are an inseparable match, dating back as long as can be remembered. The desire to adorn yourself and your festive space with bright blooms seems an intuitive way to portray…

  • Colorado Wedding Invitation

    in conversation with: Wordshop Paperie

    At Wordshop Paperie, their greatest hope is to revive the written word. They favor independent, small studio, paper printers. Whether it’s custom letterpress wedding invitations, personalized stationery for that handwritten note, or business cards to expand your network, they're here to make your project as unique as you are. Our editor in chief, Felicia Anzaldúa sat down with owner, Jill, and designer, Ray to discuss the future of etiquette, trends, and advice for soon-to-be weds.

  • Couple at Venetucci Farm

    Terr’amour: A Wedding Experience and Artisan Market

    The Colorado Wedding Magazine, Dream Catcher Weddings, and Venetucci Farm have set forth the intention to cultivate a community that cherishes the earth. We are excited to announce Terr’amour: A Wedding Experience and Artisan Market. This event has grown out of a desire to promote sustainable options for the wedding industry. We are excited to hold an exclusive experience for couples looking to get married who have a desire to incorporate sustainable options into their wedding. Shop for vendors ranging from hand lettered stationery, to jewelry, wedding favors, photography and more. There will be live music, nibbles, and door prizes! Register here: https://www.venetuccifarm.org/happenings/terramour-a-wedding-experience-and-artisan-market

  • Sustainable Flowers

    Meet Stefanie Hofmeister

    Owner + Market Manager | Colorado Flower Collective Floriculture is a multi-billion dollar, international industry. However, sourcing flowers from small local growers offers fresh, seasonal varieties that are unique to your region in addition to keeping your dollars in your local community and supporting wildlife. One local business putting in the work to support local growers is The Colorado Flower Collective, a local marketplace whose members believe it’s important to know your flowers are being grown with sustainable practices and by people who are being treated fairly and paid a living wage. The Colorado Flower Collective connects local growers with florists and floral designers. Their business model allows small, urban,…

  • THE FAIRY GODMOTHER OF COLORADO: Project Prom Guarantees Every Local High School Student A Prom Dress

    Have you ever thought about what happens to bridesmaid dresses, mother of the bride dresses, and even wedding guest dresses after the nuptials? Sometimes, they sit in the back of the closet never to be worn again, which is something we can’t bear thinking about. Other times, they are returned to the friend or family member they were borrowed from, or altered and worn again for many more occasions to come. Slightly better – perhaps our favorite option- they are donated to a charity so that teenagers can have the prom dress of their dreams!The heart-breaking truth is that without the funds to pay for a prom dress, many teenagers…

  • Rewriting Rites

    Shifting the Wedding Industry Toward Sustainability By Maréa Janae | Dream Catcher Weddings We set up camp in the backcountry, roasted dinner in foil pouches tucked into the coals of the fire, burnt our tongues sipping hot chocolate, roasted marshmallows on sticks we had gathered, and alternated between belting out off-pitch oldies from mom’s song book and listening to dad read spooky poems out of a tattered book passed down from his father. Looking up at the dark sky glittering with stars and breathing deeply the scents of pine, earth and campfire is where I first remember experiencing the feeling of home. These are the happiest memories of my childhood…

  • EcoFriendly Elopment in Colorado

    An Eco-Friendly Elopement

    Story by Maréa Janae of Dream Catcher Weddings | Photos by Lyndsey Leach Photography What might an eco-friendly elopement look like in action, you might ask? Well, like any other wedding day, that depends on the unique needs and values of each couple. With the creativity of my fellow Earth-conscious wedding vendors, we’ve put together a zero-waste styled shoot to inspire a start-to-finish glimpse into a ‘Big Day’ gone green. Overlooking beautiful Cheyenne Mountain, the sister-operated Venetucci Farm and venue makes sustainability a primary (and breathtakingly scenic) mission, from cutting out single-use plastics, to recycling, composting, and upcycling wherever possible (including the entire barn wall of repurposed wood). Gather Mountain…