Invitations With Style

Your invitation selection sets the tone for your guests into what kind of wedding you are planning. Whether it’s modern, traditional or elegant, your invitation extends a first and lasting impression of your wedding style.
If you have special family situations, want to do something unique, or question proper wording or etiquette, consider using a stationery expert. These trained professionals can help you pay special attention to your specific needs – and can even save you money when ordering your invitations and accessories!
Calligraphy always adds a splash of sophistication and beauty to your invitation. Though many people know how to apply calligraphy (or they know someone who does), a bride should never rule out the option of having her invitations professionally penned. New software programs can produce your calligraphy with computer-generated lettering.
However you choose to go, always remember that prices, styles, timelines and quality will vary significantly. Considering the variety of calligraphy services available, it is advisable to research companies thoroughly before selecting your scribe.