Starting Your Financial Future Together

Selecting the right bank is not difficult if you know what to look for, and this is often one of the important decisions newlyweds have to make following marriage.
In choosing a financial institution,

consider the availability and accessibility of the following services and products. A bank should be able to provide you with information concerning loans, mortgages, investments and retirement plans as well as savings and checking procedures. Most importantly, your bank’s areas of expertise should coincide with your individual financial needs.
Once you have selected a bank, you as a customer can do your part to help develop a positive, profitable, long term banking relationship.
First, as in any business relationship, the more you know about your bank, the better you will be able to utilize services which are offered. Read all the brochures and don’t be afraid to ask questions.
It is important to develop relationships with bank personnel and officers for assistance in achieving your financial goals. Establishing regular contact with your account officer helps ensure that your bank is prepared and willing to move quickly when you need advice, products or services.
Finally, do your best to develop a good customer profile. Maintaining a good financial track record, in addition to planning ahead, will help you to win points with your banker. After all, a good customer/bank relationship is built on mutual trust and confidence.