Bridal Emergency Kit…

You imagine all those things that could possibly go wrong at the last minute (but probably won’t!), fill a

“security basket” or bag with emergency solutions. Let your personal attendant be responsible for this kit, which should include:

  • brush, comb, hair spray, curling iron, blow dryer and bobby pins
  • mirror, extra make-up and wet washcloths in a plastic bag
  • deodorant, talcum powder and facial tissues
  • nail polish in your color, your attendants’ color and a clear color (for stocking runs)
  • extra stockings
  • aerosol spray for wrinkles and spot remover
  • anti static spray
  • white chalk and white out (to remove unforeseen stains or spots)
  • sewing kit, safety pins, straight pins, manicure scissors, scotch and duct tape, scissors, pliers and a nail file
  • breath spray or mints (stay away from gum!!)
  • feminine protection
  • contact lens solution and extra glasses
  • aspirin and adhesive bandages
  • phone numbers of all wedding party members and service suppliers
  • money for last minute errands
  • A snack to settle a nervous stomach and bottled water