Head Over Heels

Two special items of bridal attire are often purchased quickly, and with less consideration for style and comfort than for price and for necessity:

Bridal millinery and bridal shoes. Both play an important part in your day, although in quite different ways.
Take special care in choosing your headpiece and veil – they frame your face. Well designed bridal millinery forms the background for your romantic wedding portraits, so you want it to look perfect and fit comfortably. A bridal milliner will design head-wear that not only enhances your face, and fits your hairstyle, but compliments your gown in every way. Custom designed millinery is usually no more expensive than ready-made and does not have to be ordered months in advance. Choose pearls, sequins, beads, lace bows, or a smart bridal hat. A milliner is like a hair stylist – he or she creates the style especially for you!
Now, let’s talk about shoes – they must be comfortable for standing, walking and dancing. Break them in at home on a carpeted floor. Choose fabric shoes that compliment your gown and those of your attendants – even lace is available and can be dyed to match the dress they will be worn with – the bride’s shoes are dyed to the white or ivory of her gown.
Attendants should wear the same heel heights, if possible (not too high – it’s difficult to walk naturally). Take your shoes to all fittings hemlines are measured up from the floor when you are wearing your shoes.
It’s worth repeating: buy for comfort, even if it costs a little more!