Do I Need a Wedding Consultant?

Planning a memorable wedding takes more than imagination. Pulling together the hundreds of details involved in any well-planned event takes a great deal of time-as well as the specialized knowledge of where to find and how to evaluate a variety of products and services.
For both time and quality considerations, brides-to-be are increasingly turning to bridal consultants for assistance in planning and orchestrating their important day. A bridal consultant is an expert in wedding planning. She knows exactly here to find exactly what you want to make your day the best it can be.
Although some bridal stores and department stores have on-staff consultants who may assist you with specific planning needs, for overall professional planning you should consult with an independent wedding professional. These are total party coordinators who can help you with any or all aspects of wedding plans, from choosing your gown and invitations to hiring a caterer and photographer. The wedding consultant can be counted on to make sure everything happens on schedule, handle any emergencies and, in general, be there for advice and support when you need her.
In choosing a consultant, look for a person you feel comfortable with. You will be communicating many personal wishes, as well as specific budget information, and entrusting the consultant to make your dream wedding a reality-to it’s crucial your consultant be someone you like and feel you can talk to candidly.
How much will the services cost? Fees may be structured in one of several ways-as an agreed upon flat rate, as per-guest rate, or as a percentage of total wedding costs (usually 15 to 20 percent).