• 12 Tips for a Strong Marriage

      Support one another’s goals and achievements. Respect each other. Take time to share dreams and goals on a regular basis with your spouse. Consider daily dialogue as a means of improving your communication. Laugh together at least once a day. Be honest. Fight fair. Be willing to forgive. Remember kindness towards each other is a great gift. Share your daily expectations. Make decisions about finances, disciplining the children, chores, vacations, etc., together Take time to be alone together working on your intimacy.  

  • Weddings and Divorced Parents

      Weddings and Divorced Parents If your parents are divorced, several difficult decisions must be made in order to accommodate both parents. Your invitations The parent with whom you have been living the longest should issue the invitation. The other parent is not mentioned. However, if both parents agree, the invitations may be in both names. Introducing future in-laws to each other Protocol dictates that the first introduction should be to the parent with whom you have been living, followed a week or so later by a visit with your other parent. Seating at the ceremony The bride’s mother and her immediate family (parents, husband and children) are seated in…

  • Pre Marriage Counseling

      Pre Marriage Counseling It is natural to experience some fear before “tying the knot” – marriage is an important decision. A great way to help assure lifelong success is pre-marriage counseling. Whether your goal is to get to know one another better or be as prepared as possible, counseling is a good investment in your future.   Sometimes people need help resolving old relationship hurts, or managing step children and blended family concerns. Addressing these issues before marriage prepares you for a complete life together. Give one another the gift of security and comfort and enjoy your love forever.