Being a Good Groom

You may think that the fuss surrounding the wedding is silly, but what you don’t realize is that the way you do things as a couple between now and “I do” can set patterns of communication that will grow over the course of your marriage.
Your role in the wedding is

almost always smaller than the bride’s, yet you need to participate as much as possible in every phase of the wedding planning. Getting married is a public affirmation of commitment between a man and woman. Weddings are a mix of religion, legal issues, family issues, and the transition from living as a bachelor to living together as a team. As you plan the wedding with your bride, you learn a lot not only about yourself but about her and her family.
Once you realize the enormous value of taking an active role, you need to develop a strategy to accomplish dozens of goals. What am I supposed to pay for? How do I deal with my in laws? My single friends? My clergyman? There is a long list of things that you are supposed to know about.
You have to buy an engagement and wedding ring; draw up the guest lists for yourself and your family, plan the honeymoon; find a best man and ushers; pay for a variety of wedding expenses and so on. You will be seen in a better light by your bride if you cheerfully surprise them by fulfilling your role before being asked. Remember the man who is always prepared and knows what to do generates a larger than life mystique, and your fiancée and her family will rightly believe that they can depend on you. Above all else, keep your sense of humor.