Grooms Get Involved

The days of the groom being responsible for the rehearsal dinner and showing up on time for the wedding are long gone by. Today, most grooms

take their role as a “partner” in the wedding and marriage seriously. The bride and groom work together to make a good marriage-it starts with working together in planning the wedding.
As men become more involved, traditional wedding duties are changing. Beginning with the engagement announcement, more newspapers feature photographs of the couple instead of the traditional bride-to-be.
Many newlyweds today not only both work full-time but they share housekeeping duties as well. Because of this, the groom is being included in many bridal showers. Theme showers that include interests of both the bride and groom have become very popular. Be sure to invite his male relatives and friends.
The groom is also becoming more involved in the financial aspects of the wedding. With couples marrying at an older age, many are paying for their own wedding or contribute toward the parents’ wedding expenses.
After the wedding the groom may take on the responsibility of writing thank you notes to his family and friends. The bride will send thank you notes to her family and friends.
Although today many grooms participate in much of the planning, some men still do not enjoy this level of involvement. In these instances, brides usually have little problem finding relatives and close friends who happily get involved in the wedding planning.