Scrapbooking – Creating Lasting Memories

There will be dozens of posed photographs selected and carefully placed in albums that will bring to mind the beautiful moments of your wedding and reception. Even the honeymoon will be caught in pictures that will bring fond memories of times that will never be repeated.
But what about those never-to-be-forgotten times when you’ll want to recall moments of laughter, of tears, of total disarray, of gentle tenderness? They’ll bring the giggles or the wisps of tearful treasured moments that should never be lost. Always have your camera handy because it’s often the spontaneous shots that tell the story. Take a quick shot of an unstructured, impulsive moment instead of always a perfectly posed picture. All these moments happen so fast. If we are not prepared, they are gone in a flash. Impromptu photographs along with the planned ones for scrapbooks will show a complete story will be the ones that will give you and your loved ones great joy in days ahead.
Scrapbook page layout ideas and styles that will vary from the simple to the elaborate are available many places. You will always be grateful for the time you spent in capturing those wonderful glimpses of the best days of your life. Realize now the value of organizing and preserving the photos and stories of your life. They will bring you hours of joy throughout your marriage.