Your Wedding Photos… Leave Them To The Pros!

You rely on family and friends to assist you on your wedding day, but when it comes to photography, this is no time for an amateur…It takes a good professional to preserve on film or tape for a lifetime the day you have planned so carefully.
Do your research. and admired. Ask friends for recommendations.
If the studio you select has more than one , make sure you know which one will be working with you. Forming a comfortable working relationship with your photographer is important. This person is going to spend a lot of time with the two of you on a very special day of your life.
A good professional will carefully guide you through the many decisions you must make, after which, you should have a clear understanding of what to expect. This is no time to be shy; ask lots of questions:
Should the photos be posed? How many? How many candid shots? Should the formal photos of the wedding party be taken before or after the ceremony? Exactly how many photos, negatives and proofs are you buying? What are the sizes? Are albums and folders included in the price? How long can you continue to order photos? When will the photographer leave the receptions? Are you to provide them with a meal?
Once you have worked our all the details on preserving your special day, go one step further – get everything in writing. Make certain your contract includes a payment schedule and penalties, if any, for a date change or cancellation. Then relax, smile and have fun, you are in the hands of a professional.