Set Your Wedding To Music

Music is the most universal expression of joy. It forms a common bond between strangers and encourages them to smile and speak with each other. Your wedding guests walking into the ceremony or reception where music is playing feel comfortable and welcome. Music makes the time go quickly; it fills the silence between conversations and dinner courses like nothing else.
Special music changes “a nice wedding” into “a lovely ceremony and an elegant reception.” Yet, planning music is one of the duties we put off until almost too late. The reasons: we may not feel confident to judge professional musical ability; our understanding of music may not be such that we can even name the selections we have heard and would like to have performed. One of the most pleasant surprises in planning a wedding is finding out how easy it is to work with professional musicians!
In truth, they do all the work. Interviewing and planning sessions are delightful when you’re dealing with professionals. It doesn’t matter that you don’t know the names or can’t hum the tunes. They will help you define the sounds you like for your ceremony and reception by giving you “mini-concerts,” live, or on tape.
A rich selection of options await you: soloists in voice, piano, flute, trumpet, harp, guitar, violin, and cello; duets, trios and quartets; strolling musicians and keyboard artists with synthesizers.