Choosing The Right Caterer


Choosing The Right Caterer

You’ve chosen your gown, your attendants, your colors. You’ve decided you want your wedding reception at home, rather than a hotel or restaurant. The invitations are ready. Everything has gone relatively smoothly.
Now you have to select your caterer. A referral would be nice, but you don’t have one. There are hundreds of caterers in your area. Which one will be the proper choice? You’ve been told about things that can go wrong… bad food, not enough food, poor service, faulty equipment, late service, etc.
The solution: ask these key questions. The answers will help you come up with your choice. Competent caterers will welcome questions and give you honest answers.

  1. Have you catered this type of event? You don’t want anyone practicing on your social event.

  3. Is the staff well-trained and courteous? A clumsy butler is funny only in the movies.

  5. Can you handle the number of guests I am expecting? It takes experience to deal with large numbers.

  7. Do you have access to related services? The relationship between various services is crucial.

  9. How do you deal with last minute problems? I have enough pressure. I don’t want my caterer collapsing under his.

  11. What are the true and final costs? Know up front exactly what you are getting for your money.

  13. Most important, do you operate a Health Department Licensed kitchen? Ask to see the license and the kitchen. Some caterers operate in less than optimal conditions. After the interviews ask yourself, do I feel comfortable with this company? Can I call frequently for reassurance? If you get positive responses, your choice will be easier.