Disc Jockey

Disc Jockey entertainment is the most popular form of musical entertainment for wedding receptions.
The hallmark of a good DJ is versatility. You should be able to choose from “Oldies,” Country Western, Rock, Big Band and Soul programming. Your guests should be able to polka, waltz, or do the twist. Many DJs offer ethnic music like Spanish, Italian, Irish, Polish or Greek. A top quality DJ will offer “a little something for everyone” so that guests of all ages can enjoy the music and dance.
Your DJ can MC the reception, announcing the arrival of the Newlyweds, Receiving Line, Buffet or Dinner. They coordinate the Champagne Toast, Cake Cutting, Newlyweds’ First Dance, Bouquet Toss, Garter Toss, and Money Dance. They direct all highlights of the reception, and establish the sequence and timing of events.
Consider the following points when interviewing the DJ for your reception.
Professional DJs should be properly attired. They should be tasteful in announcements and responsive to unique circumstances. They should be attentive to delicate matters such as divorced, widowed, or remarried parents. The sound system should be commercial quality and attractive when set up. The music selection should be extensive with lots of variety. DJs should be able to offer lighting systems, mirror balls, and special effects upon request. Be sure to request references and, if possible, preview their style of work. A carefully chosen DJ will add festivity to the reception and create a memorable party for your guests.
Music Sets The Mood
Absolutely nothing is as classy and exciting as live entertainment at a wedding reception. Live music sets the mood and ambiance for an enjoyable reception. At the very best and important social affairs, live music is exclusively used for entertainment. The band you select is one of the most important parts of this special day.
Live music enhances this once-in-a-lifetime experience
Your choice of live music can make the difference between just a reception and a memorable occasion. In selecting a band you should consider not only your musical tastes, but those of your guests. An exceptional band and experienced master of ceremonies offers a wide repertoire of music, and well-honed sense of timing for organizing the special events during the reception. The band leader should be able to work with your personal ideas, and offer helpful suggestions to coordinate a smoothly run reception.
At a wedding reception, live music enhances this once-in-a-lifetime experience not only for the bride and groom, but for all their family and friends. A band adds a special magic and excitement to the marriage celebration. Arranging for live entertainment at the wedding reception is one of the most important considerations for the engaged couple. A professional band with a wide musical repertoire, and an experienced personable M.C. can make the bride and groom’s special day a joy for everyone.