What To Serve Your Wedding Guests

Soon after you begin to plan your wedding reception the question of “what to serve” will need an answer. There are so many choices and options for this part of the day that you’ll want to discuss every possible scenario with your family and your caterer.

When you order invitations, make sure they include information about the food that will be served at your wedding. Don’t make your guests wonder whether or not they should eat before they come. Generally a reception card or a notation at the bottom of your invitation will give your guests the necessary information: “dinner and dance follows…”, “a noon buffet luncheon will be held…”, “a 5 o’clock hors d’oeuvre buffet and social hour will follow the ceremony at…”.

Your guests’ expectations will be significantly influenced by the time of your ceremony-whether it spans the luncheon, cocktail, or dinner hour. Your budget will dictate what you serve and the best time of day for the reception.

Whatever time of day you choose, menu options are available in every price range.
Wedding ceremonies held before noon may appropriately be followed by a brunch or luncheon served “sit down” or buffet. If afternoon activities are not planned for most of the wedding guests and a dance is to be held in the evening, you should provide dinner prior to the dance.

Afternoon weddings lend themselves to either an appetizer/cocktail buffet reception, or a sit-down or buffet dinner reception.

Evening weddings generally require a dinner to be served at the reception-unless guests are notified that dinner will not be served.