Events in the post-pandemic world are going to look very different, and weddings are no exception. Whether due to restrictions that are still in place in certain areas, or simply a decision to make the big day have a more intimate setting, couples are choosing to downsize their guest list. This leaves room for more detailed touches to make your guests feel even more special. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ideas and included local Colorado vendors for you to check out. 

Splurge a Little on Dinner

As the saying goes, people may not remember every detail of your wedding, but they’ll remember the music and the food. Opt for a personalized, detailed menu with Mangia + Enjoy – offering healthy, delicious food made with local, organic ingredients. 

Choose an Unexpected Venue 

Fewer people on your guest list means that you can go for a nontraditional venue. Have your intimate celebration on a boat, at a restaurant, in a private Airbnb, or even a family home. Choose a place that feels comfortable and a natural fit of you and your soon-to-be spouse and make your special day even more personalized and magical. 

Get Creative With Your Seating 

In a traditional wedding setting, it’s customary to mix and match your guests so that they can get to know one another. Considering social distancing measures that are still in place, it’s a good idea to seat your guests in pods (think groups of 4-6 rather than 10-12) instead.

Make it Personal 

Every little detail counts. Make your guests feel extra special with hand-written invitations, place settings, and even thank you notes. Button Designs offers hand-lettering services for everything from menus to favors to give your wedding a timeless tone.

Individualized Food & Drink Displays 

Family-style buffet meals and charcuterie boards full of tiny, adorable foods are traditional staples of any wedding celebration. A new spin on this classic idea is to create a version that’s made for one instead of made to share, like the vegan-friendly options by The Joint Street Food

Mini Wedding Cakes 

With fewer guests, you won’t need a grand, multi-tiered cake, but that doesn’t mean you should skip dessert! (You should, in fact, never skip dessert). Opt for mini versions of the wedding cake of your dreams. Flick of the Whisk Cakes creates beautifully decorated, delicious cupcakes in traditional form, or even as mini jar cakes.

Customize Your Favors 

Your wedding isn’t just a celebration of your union, it’s also a reflection of your personality as a couple. Get customized favors, like candles from Berry Goods or Seed Bombs from Gathered Mountain Blooms and add your personality to the favors your guests will take home. 

Re-Imagine Your Entertainment

You may have imagined dancing the night away at your wedding, but there are other forms of entertainment besides hiring a DJ. Choose a live band to perform at your celebration in concert-style, or opt for something unique, such as live painting offered by Love Gives Art

Send a Care Package 

Even though you’ve downsized your guest list, there are still so many people who you want to be a part of this milestone celebration. For the ones who can’t be with you, send a customized basket from Simply Yours Colorado. As a bonus, this same package can be used as a welcome gift to greet your in-person guests. Everybody wins!