Making Your Wedding Uniquely You

As couples seek to create a wedding experience that symbolizes who they are, what they wish to express and impress on their family and friends, the trend toward personalized weddings continues. Whether the theme is a simple modest outdoor ceremony, or a lavish wedding held in a museum, couples wish to make it there own. All the elements of the day, such as the flowers, food, and music represent their style. For the bride, nothing represents her own personal style more than the wedding gown of her dreams.

Wedding gowns are represented in more styles than one can imagine. There is color in the gowns, color details on the gown and entirely colored gowns available. Embroidery, subtle embellishments, and ornamentation are displayed on the simplest of designs. A beautiful bride becomes a living sculpture, the gown; wearable art-an investment, worthy to be passed down to the next generation.
Brides are showing their creative side. This is evident in their choice of gown as well as their accessories. Jewelry is worn, but not necessarily in matching sets. Brides choose favorite nail polish hues just because they are desired.
Matching headpieces are still the traditional look, but especially designed headpieces are being personalized especially for each individual bride. Beautiful hairstyles adorned with stems of crystals and pearls, silk or fresh flowers with a removable veil lend a unique flavor to a bride all her very own. Hair clips, headbands and tiaras place more emphasis on hairstyle and make-up now more than ever before.
New make-up lines come out regularly. Advertising convinces us that we must buy and buy, but we still look the same. Find a good make-up artist long before your wedding. This will not be a sales person at a department store, but a professional that will relate to you, someone who really listens to you and gets to know you. You may find one in a salon or you may find an independent make-up specialist. You should be her focus of attention, not just another sale.