How Attendants Can Help

You have chosen or will chose attendants who want to help you make your wedding day special. They can lighten your responsibilities. Depending on the formality of your wedding, you will choose four to twelve attendants for a formal wedding, two to six attendants for a semi-formal wedding or one to three attendants for an informal wedding. Your groom will choose the same number of attendants. The rule for ushers is to select one usher for every 50 guests.

Your maid or matron of honor may:

  • pay for her own dress and accessories.
  • help arrange bridal showers and assist at all pre-wedding events.
  • help bride address envelopes.
  • record shower and wedding gifts.
  • act as official witness for the marriage license signing.
  • help bride dress for the ceremony.
  • help bride change clothes after the reception.
  • hold the bridal bouquet during the ring ceremony.

Your bridesmaids may:

  • pay for their own dresses and accessories.
  • assist at bridal showers and with other pre-wedding tasks.
  • help with favors or table decorations for the reception.

The best man may:

  • pay for his own tuxedo rental.
  • organize a bachelor party. (This is optional.)
  • take the groom to the ceremony.
  • help the groom throughout the wedding day.
  • act as official witness for the marriage license signing.
  • pay the minister, priest or officiant.
  • keep the bride’s ring until needed during the ceremony.
  • drive the car with the bridal party if a limousine is not used.
  • serve as Master of Ceremonies at the reception if requested.
  • return the groom’s tuxedo with his own.

The ushers may:

  • pay for their own tuxedo rentals.
  • attend any pre-wedding parties or events honoring the groom.